Waste not, want not – an alpaca scrap rug

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Rigid heddle alpaca rug

What to do with a sackful of alpaca that’s really too short and scrappy to spin? Spin it anyway!

Two passes through the Ashford fine drum carder and it was looking relatively decent.

Corespun alpaca yarn
Corespun alpaca yarn

I then corespun it on the Country Spinner over some dodgy commercial mohair blend and thew it at the rigid heddle loom and voila, bedside rug.

Rigid heddle alpaca rug
Woven on the rigid heddle loom (Kircher Model W)

Yep, you really want to get your toes into this thing. Makes you almost look forward to frosty mornings … Now I need another for under my desk … Oh, and a floor loom at least two metres wide 🙂 Maybe in the next life …

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Comment 1

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