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Solar-dyed roving – a good use for summer sun

Solar dyed roving

As the temperature hit 36 degrees, I decided it was time to put all that hot air to good use and set up my big black dye pot for a bit of experimental solar dyeing. I took a few 100 grams of tussah silk-merino roving from Das Wollschaf, which is just gorgeous, and put it to work with procion and acid dyes. I was inspired by …

An eco-printed souvenir from New York

Eco-printing silk

Funny how souvenirs start looking a bit different when you’re a crafter. No I ♥ NY T-shirts here … Instead, a cute rusted mini-manhole cover that I found in the gutter (no, I didn’t walk around the streets of Brooklyn with a crowbar pinching civic fixtures and fittings…). I paired it with a cream silk scarf from my favourite 90 cent bin at Das Kaufhaus and …

Holiday revelations

Christmas Markets Stuttgart

The festive season is finally done and dusted and it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Right now, this is involving aching all over from the revived exercise regime and reviewing all my recent extravagant eBay purchases and Christmas DIYs, oh, and working out exactly what to do with my growing stash in 2015. As with any New Year, there’s a hint of sadness, based largely around …