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Solar-dyed roving – a good use for summer sun

Solar dyed roving

As the temperature hit 36 degrees, I decided it was time to put all that hot air to good use and set up my big black dye pot for a bit of experimental solar dyeing. I took a few 100 grams of tussah silk-merino roving from Das Wollschaf, which is just gorgeous, and put it to work with procion and acid dyes. I was inspired by …

Building a DIY blending board (spielen mit Kardenbelag)

DIY Blending Board

It’s arrived! Finally … The carding cloth. The most expensive piece of ‘fabric’ I’ve ever bought. People seemed to be getting theirs from naturalfiberyarns on Etsy, but what with shipping and customs as well as having to wait when you’re itching to get started, buying from the States is rarely worth it. Instead, I tracked down a few European sources, including Wingham Wool Work (UK), Golden Fleece …