An eco-printed souvenir from New York

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Eco-printing silk

Funny how souvenirs start looking a bit different when you’re a crafter. No I ♥ NY T-shirts here … Instead, a cute rusted mini-manhole cover that I found in the gutter (no, I didn’t walk around the streets of Brooklyn with a crowbar pinching civic fixtures and fittings…).

I paired it with a cream silk scarf from my favourite 90 cent bin at Das Kaufhaus and steamed it up for a few hours with some avocado husks and seeds. I was impatient, so it’s not as well developed as it could be … I’ll probably put it in for a second round later in the summer.

And what could be a better memory of wintry New York days? Except those four extra kilos I brought back from all those doughnuts … Dough – you have a lot to answer for.



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