A miserable introduction to machine knitting (kein Spaß beim Maschinenstricken)

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Toyota KS901 Knitting Machine/sStrickmaschine

So, I’ve acquired a Toyota KS901 knitting machine together with the KR506 ribber (Feinstricker). Apparently, this makes it a double-bed machine, although what this actually looks like in practice is still beyond me. I say ‘acquired’, I actually transported the machine through four countries on three connecting trains over a 12-hour period, which is right up there with the most stupid and painful things I’ve ever done, but I had a good feeling that it would be worth it as this machine would become a close friend and ally. So far, however, we’re just staring at each other sulkily from opposite ends of the lounge.

Whoever it was that invented machine knitting was definitely thinking too much. The real demon, however, is the person that wrote the manual. Based on the lack of similarly between the manual and the actual machine, I’d happily bet that this person had never actually heard of a knitting machine let alone seen, used and mastered one.

Thank goodness for YouTube and the collected wisdom of the Yahoo machine knitters group.

Once I’ve mended our friendship, I’ll share my newly acquired knowledge here. This was the plan for today, except the only useful things I can share so far are to largely ignore the manual and not to install your machine with an entire bed of the wrong sized needles … Hours of fun.

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Comments 2

  1. christine 31 October 2015

    I have just fetched my machine down out of the loft it’s been there 20 years and it looks as new, but have forgotten how to fit the ribber butI will keep at it as I spent many happy hours knitting

  2. peggy2002z 9 November 2015

    I got my machine out after 25 yrs ,forgotten a lot but coming back to me. I have encourged my neice to buy one . So I am now in london teaching her how to use it ,but there’s a problem with her machine that I cannot figure out. Changed the sponge bar cleaned and oiled it but it will knit one side but not the other any ideas

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