The trials and tribulations of raw Gotland fleece

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Love it. Hate it. Is is me or is this stuff the most labour-intensive fleece on the market? An hour on the floor with this (super stinky) stuff and you’ve only pulled out enough locks to make one puny baby sock. And the smell. I mean, this little thing sauntered in during a particularly fraught scouring session and rather than buzz around and annoy me further, it just keeled over and died.


I know how it felt.

But, there’s no denying that this stuff if pretty dreamy … Real metallic silvers, shiny bronzes … and then my bag of whites and creams arrived and I knew I was in love – soft and fluffy crimpy clouds.

Bring on the wool combs … hurry up Mr Wollwolff … I’ve got a mountain of Gotland here 🙂

Bargainous Scandinavian/Gotland mix bags can be found from time to time in Filzrausch’s eBay store. Super-fast delivery for impatient wool-washers!

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