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Flying with a sewing machine (Fliegen mit Nähmaschinen)

Pfaff Expression 4.0 flying

Besides the shaky arms (a painful reminder of why I just bought gym membership), this process was entirely, almost disappointingly, uneventful. Given the amount of personal interaction I ended up having (which began with ‘I’m sorry, I’m travelling with a sewing machine’ and ended with a variety of comments ranging from a clueless ‘Oh. Have you removed the needle?’ (Yes, but what kind of havoc …

A flea market marathon: Braderie de Lille 2014

Sledges at the Braderie de Lille

Flea market, garage sale, car boot sale … Magical words that usually come just after ‘food’ on my to-do list when travelling. As such, I’m steadily building up my international vocabulary and my eyes are now well-trained at spotting signs of upcoming flohmärkte, trödelmärkte, rastros, brocantes, marchés aux puces and vides greniers. So, when I heard about the Grande Braderie de Lille and its fabled 100km of …

In search of a workplace in Belgium (Wi-Fi/Strom schmarotzen in Belgien)

Zuivelbrug, Ghent

Through no-one’s fault but my own, my long-planned trip through Belgium on the way to the UK  via the famous Braderie de Lille was largely cancelled due to work. That is, instead of hunting down fruity beers and mussels, I ended up on the hunt for reasonably priced, laptop-friendly bars and cafés. Here’s what I found and would recommend: Work taken care of, there was a little …