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MokoMidi EC nappy … arrived!

Mokomidi EC nappy

Excited to be receiving MokoShop’s MokoMidi Windelfrei Überhose (Merino) … review coming soon! Update … It’s just arrived. Love the German postal service. Can’t wait to try it out.  

Flaparaps vs Petit Lulu Minimal – Nappies for EC

Flaparaps vs Petit Lulu Minimal Nappies

Drop-flap nappies didn’t really become a reality for us until four months in, when energy levels rose and C started to become more mobile. At nine months, we’re in them all day, if not all night. There’s not a huge amount of choice out there when it comes to nappies for EC (elimination communication, nappy-free, Windelfrei, call it what you will), and I think any …