Solar-dyed roving – a good use for summer sun

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Solar dyed roving

As the temperature hit 36 degrees, I decided it was time to put all that hot air to good use and set up my big black dye pot for a bit of experimental solar dyeing.

I took a few 100 grams of tussah silk-merino roving from Das Wollschaf, which is just gorgeous, and put it to work with procion and acid dyes. I was inspired by this hand-spun that I saw on the Tanis Fibre Arts blog, and set about making something uncharacteristically colourful … it must be all this sunshine.

By just saturating the wool with water/vinegar mix, it’s possible to paint the dye where you want it and not risk it running about too much in any excess water. A day on the hot windowsill was plenty enough time to soak up all the dye. So much simpler than simmering dye pots.

I’m hoping it’ll spin up into some gorgeous pastel shades, as there’s still a lot of white left, but we will see! Is there too much yellow in it? Probably 🙂

Earmarked for: Isabel Kraemer’s Aibrean

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