Alpaca dreams

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The long journey from alpaca fleece to something usable has begun. Having found a fantastic supply of alpaca fleece on eBay Kleinanzeigen at an irresistible price, I ordered six kilos. I didn’t really think about the wheres or hows or whys of this decision until this box arrived … Mr DHL wouldn’t even carry it up the stairs …Alpaca

I’d originally planned it so this guilty purchase would arrive when the Engineer was safely away on a business trip, giving me time to organise, condense, secret away and clean up before he got back. But that wasn’t to be. And so the entire weekend turned into a fluff-filled extravaganza, where both he and I questioned my sanity.

Actually, this box makes the situation look quite manageable, but when I took off the tape the fibre magically multiplied until it filled most of the 65 m flat.

Sorting the four gorgeous shades took a very full, very dusty day, and left me with a sack load of guard hair and second cuts, a neat box of ziploc-bagged usable fibre (not ideal, but what can you do in a one-bed flat?) and a bloody, tenderised hand from overenthusiastic carding.

Not bad for the first sort. Looking forward to Stage 2, which should fly by with the help of my new DIY wool picker and hackle and comb set (work in progress) …

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Comments 3

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  2. Great post about the wool picker, I’m in the process of making one. So thank you for the pattern! I’m sort of in the same boat as you, but I got my alpaca for free. If you go to fiber festivals (not sure if you have them in your area, but it’s worth it to look) and make some friends there, you will end up with a never ending supply of fiber to which you’ll even find yourself saying no to (really!). It does insulate the attic well ;). It might not be the high quality stuff you can buy, but some of it is pretty darned close, and fiber is fiber. Looks like you probably no what you’re doing with it, but just in case you or other readers want to know, I’ve got a blog post on how to clean raw alpaca fiber. Thanks again for the wool picker post!

    • thelooseend 31 May 2016

      Hi Becky … I know what you mean … We’re also at the stage of using leftover wool for roof insulation! Another use that we’ve discovered recently is sewing the shorter or less desirable alpaca fibres up into a duvet or as quilt batting, which works great as the alpaca won’t felt in the wash 🙂 I hope the wool picker is coming along along OK!

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