UPDATE: I wasn’t sure I would ever meet somebody messier and more chaotic than myself, but then I met my son. Restarting with much less wool, many more nappies and plenty of typos as I type while I walk.

Besides being English and attempting to survive thrive in Germany, I love anything to do with fibre, fabric and food. I’m a writer and editor and work freelance from coworking spaces or some modified IKEA Stolmen in my lounge. When I’m not working, I’m busy terrorising the Engineer with a permanent cycle of mess-making in our one-bedroom flat and have a habit of taking on projects that are far beyond the scope of my current living situation (ever tried skirting an alpaca fleece in a 2 x 2 kitchen?).

I’ve also realised that almost everything I’ve learnt in the last few years has been thanks to bloggers … and that I’ve done very little to say thank you. Hopefully, this blog will start to set things straight.