Building an electric spinning wheel – Part 1

Building an electric spinning wheel

It’s been a long time since I’ve spun, but somehow the bug is back. I know spinning is supposed to be calming, meditative, yada yada … and I do enjoy it for those reasons too, but when faced with a mountain of fleece and a mad infant fascinated by everything lethal (when you see your child crawling at speed towards your wool picker :O …) …

MokoMidi EC nappy … arrived!

Mokomidi EC nappy

Excited to be receiving MokoShop’s MokoMidi Windelfrei Überhose (Merino) … review coming soon! Update … It’s just arrived. Love the German postal service. Can’t wait to try it out.  

Knitting in the car
As woolly as it gets nowadays … knitting a lace scarf (of all the UN-child-friendly things!) in the car as I try to cram more sleep into the little monster.


Flaparaps vs Petit Lulu Minimal – Nappies for EC

Flaparaps vs Petit Lulu Minimal Nappies

Drop-flap nappies didn’t really become a reality for us until four months in, when energy levels rose and C started to become more mobile. At nine months, we’re in them all day, if not all night. There’s not a huge amount of choice out there when it comes to nappies for EC (elimination communication, nappy-free, Windelfrei, call it what you will), and I think any …

Washing Ouessant fleece
Ouessant fleeces drying in the sunshine … oh, to have even a balcony.
Blackberry dyed Gotland yarn
Blackberry-dyed Gotland locks spun into lovely, shiny fingering-weight yarn.

Waste not, want not – an alpaca scrap rug

Rigid heddle alpaca rug

What to do with a sackful of alpaca that’s really too short and scrappy to spin? Spin it anyway! Two passes through the Ashford fine drum carder and it was looking relatively decent. I then corespun it on the Country Spinner over some dodgy commercial mohair blend and thew it at the rigid heddle loom and voila, bedside rug. Yep, you really want to get your toes into …